Glenn Beck & Bill O'Reilly

'Misguided Movements & Witch Hunts'? with Bill O'Reilly - 9/14/18

14 Sep 2018 • 111 min • ??
111 min
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Hour 1 Democrats attempt to delay Kavanaugh confirmation, will the GOP stop them?...Calling all Radio Hosts?...GB calls on his fellow radio compadres, Rush, Levin, and Hannity, but why? ...Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch, says anybody who attempts to speak truthfully about Islam today is "systematically targeted and vilified, it's worse than McCarthy times? ...Google is in bed with China...frightening on 'multiple levels'? ...Opening our eyes to outrage?...The future of the human mind = bio and info-tech, killing thoughts at our own discretion?   Hour 2 Deconstructing Susan Collins?...the lefts attempt to intimate? ... Doing the work America doesn't want to do...ladies and's Stu Burguiere?...Bill O'Reilly Friday...Diane Feinstein's childish attempt to delay Kavanaugh...his high school 'misconduct' low(s) for the Democrat Party?...Ruth Bader Ginsburg goes to bat for Kavanaugh?...not really?...'insane' policies of the left...they 'want' to destroy the country ...Hurricane Florence relief is needed, please help us help others, donate just $5   Hour 3 Yet another parallel universe?...the AP seems to be turning against Obama, wait what? ...Gas explosions rock Massachusetts, over 70 fires and explosions occurred...'It looked like Armageddon'?...somethings fishy here?...act of terrorism?...recalling when Vladamir Putin said World War III will be fought with 1's and 0's ...Nikki Haley draws shade over expensive curtains?...OK'ed by Obama? ...President Trump questions the Puerto Rico hurricane death toll, and the media of course has flipped out...Fact Check Time?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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