Glenn Beck & Andrew Heaton + Bill O'Reilly

Stay, Pay or Die? | Guest: Bill O’Reilly & Andrew Heaton | 12/14/18

14 Dec 2018 • 121 min • ??
121 min
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Hour 1 Caravan Demands! demands Trump either let them stay or pay...$50,000 per migrant? ...PolitiFact's 2018 Lie of The Year goes to? ...Fun with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Math? ...Glenn plays holiday pimp?...What happened to the 'American Rebel'?...since when is banning things good?...'Baby It's Cold Outside' the Politically Correct version? ...Get $20 off a Great Christmas Gift...a subscription to    Hour 2  Bill O'Reilly picks it' apart?...Michael Cohen speaks...GMA asks "Why should we believe you"?...Brand Protection...Cohen was Trumps 'personal' fixer? believe or not to believe = National Enquirer? ...Bill's beef with Time Magazine's Person of The Year?...where have all of the courageous people gone in America? ...Fun with 'Farm Bill' talk... and reading the fine print?...War in Yemen with Saudi Arabia, to never end?...China are waging cyber war against the whole world...'I think Trump will get his trade deal with China'...Taylor Swift for 'Chief of Staff'? ...Glenn's 'Best TV Comedy of the year'  is on Amazon Prime?   Hour 3 Flashback 2008: A Glenn Beck Merry Christmas, 'Baby It's Cold Outside' joke is now a reality Merry Christmas 2018?...Once Upon a 'Dead Pool'...the Rated R vs. PG-13 version ...Something's Off with Andrew, sad and starving?... Snorting Eels, with Endangered Hawaiian Seal Monks?...Who wants an Emmy? John Stossel loves to give his away? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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