The Wild Fires Crisis is not a Global Warming Crisis - Jim Steele ( #275)

19 Dec 2023 • 92 min • EN
92 min
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Freedom Broadcaster Livestream On Sept 21, 2023 Guest: Jim Steele Topic: The Wild Fires Crisis is not a Global Warming Crisis Bio: “ I earned a BS Ecology and Systematics in 1982 and finalized my MA Biology in 1989, both from San Francisco State University. I was appointed Director of SFSU’s Sierra Nevada Field Campus by the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering in 1984 and retired as Director in 2010. I taught university level classes in ornithology and botany, as well as serving as the Principal Investigator for the Neotropical Migratory Bird Monitoring of Riparian Habitats on the Tahoe National Forest from 1991 to 2007. As an ecologist, in order to understand observed wildlife population changes, I had to understand the effects of landscape changes, fire ecology and climate cycles such as El Nino and La Nina. Causes and dynamics of huge fires such as the 2021 Dixie fire and other northern California fires have been thoroughly studied.” Author: Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skeptticism ======= Thanks to my Sponsors : If you or know some body you know is struggling with anxiety and want to know how to be 100% anxiety free, in 6 weeks, without therapy or drugs, fully guaranteed - then let me tell you about our sponsor Daniel Packard. His research company spent 8 years testing to develop an innovative process that solves your anxiety permanently in just 6 weeks - with an astounding 90% success rate.  Because their program is so effective, people who join their program only pay at the end, once they have clear, measurable results. If you’re interested in solving your anxiety in 6 weeks - fully guaranteed  - and you want to learn more and have a free consultation with Daniel, go to -------------------------- Do you have High Blood Pressure and/ or want to get off the Meds Doctors are amazed at what the Zona Plus can do $50 Discount with my Code ROY --------------------------- Interview Panel Grace Asagra, RN MA Podcast: Quantum Nurse TIP/DONATE LINK for Grace Asagra @ Quantum Nurse Podcast Dr. Karl Moore, PhD Podcast: Made in Nature Roy Coughlan Podcast: AWAKENING All my 6 Podcasts + Podcast Coaching What we Discussed: - Who is Jim Steele ( 2 mins) - What Caused Natural Fires ( 6:50 mins) - How to Prevent the Fire coming to your house ( 13 mins) - Why are Helicopters dropping fire in forests ( 18 mins) - The Maui Fires ( 22 mins) - Evacuation Process ( 24 mins) - Bill Gates Blocking the Sun ( 26 mins) - The Lack of Co2 is the Problem ( 28 mins) - Politicans living by Coast & the Lie of the Polar Bears ( 33:30 mins) - Sea Levels ( 35 mins) - Bio Fuels are making the Planet Worse ( 43 mins) - Whales Back because we stopped hunting them ( 46 mins) - Quazi Crystals ( 49 mins) - The Effect of the Sun ( 58 mins) - Solar Ponds ( 1 hr 7 mins) - Antarctica ( 1 hr 15 mins) - Helping the Education System ( 1 hr 18 mins) - Who is Financially benefitting from the Climate Crisis ( 1 hr 21 mins) -------------------------------- How to Contact Jim Steele⁠ JIm-Steele You-Tube ⁠⁠

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