The True Grit Of A Female Soldier: Martha's Story of Balancing Military Service, Motherhood, and Seizing Opportunities

30 Nov 2023 • 71 min • EN
71 min
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In this inspiring best podcast 2023 episode of The Female Veterans Podcast, I chat with Martha, a retired army veteran, who shares her powerful journey from immigrating to the Bronx, New York, from the Dominican Republic, to joining the military at the tender age of 17, and eventually becoming a Medical Service Corps officer. Listen in as Martha recounts her intense experiences at boot camp with limited testing days, her climb through the ranks inspired by supportive leaders such as Sergeant Crawford, and the profound impact that making the leap from NCO to an officer had on her career and personal growth. Martha also gets candid about the emotional challenges of balancing motherhood with her duties as a soldier, navigating financial matters from simple budgeting to investing, and the importance of seizing opportunities. Kia, our host, shares her reflections and connections with Martha's stories, emphasizing the common threads that unite female veterans. The episode concludes with a stirring message about the importance of documenting and sharing women's experiences in military service and Martha's advice to current female service members to take bold actions and seize every chance for improvement. Episode Highlights: - Martha's rapid completion of boot camp and the immediate lessons in fitness and self-awareness. - The heartwarming story of Martha reconnecting with a long-lost friend through a Facebook group. - Martha's deep appreciation for Sergeant Crawford, whose guidance paved the way for her educational pursuits. - The inspirational journey of Martha from an immigrant eager to give back to her country to aspiring to be the sergeant major of the army. - Martha's brave transition from NCO to officer, challenging the status quo and taking opportunities to grow. - The emotional balance between military service and motherhood that both Martha and Kia experienced. - Martha's varied military service, her decision to leave for family, and the joy she found in motherhood. - The launch of Martha's initiative, 'Team Extra,' aimed at improving health and wealth. Key Quotes: - 'No matter how tough it was, I knew that every step was an opportunity to become stronger and more aware of my abilities.' - Martha - 'Sergeant Crawford wasn’t just a mentor; he was a beacon of hope that shone on my path to education.' - Martha - 'I wasn't just switching uniforms; I was determined to make a bigger impact and reach further, and if that meant being called a traitor, so be it.' - Martha - 'Being a soldier is one identity, but being a mother is another. Juggling the two is the most bitter-sweet struggle.' - Martha - 'Every travel, every training, was a chance to meet a new face, learn something new, and bond over our shared service.' - Martha - 'If your time in the military teaches you anything, it's that the only constant is change. Embrace it.' - Kia - 'The heroes behind the heroes — our kids — they bear sacrifices, too, and grow up with a legacy of resilience.' - Kia Call To Action:  Make sure to check out Martha's website,, and stay tuned for more info to follow her updates on TikTok and Instagram for more on her initiatives, including the upcoming launch of 'Team Extra' focusing on health and wealth enhancement. Join the conversation by supporting the podcast, signing up for our newsletter at, sharing this episode, and subscribing to The Female Veterans Podcast Youtube Channel.

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