The Science of Right Thinking with David Bayer

11 Oct 2016 • 31 min • EN
31 min
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You can learn every single tactic and strategy taught by every single authority in your space, whether it’s online entrepreneurship, parenting, or even underwater basket-weaving. But if you don’t have ‘right thinking’ mastered, you probably won’t be able to execute on a single one of them. In fact, the deck has been stacked against you from birth.  Are you doomed to failure?  Not at all! Today’s guest, David Bayer, has dedicated his life to the science behind right thinking. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly attaching information to every experience you have. You can’t always control the experiences, but you CAN control the information you attach to them. Discover:  How to reframe your past experiences to free yourself to be successful today How science and research directly support how your beliefs affect your results Why a little self-help won’t work; you have to be ALL IN  If you’ve spent countless hours learning and growing mentally but still haven’t achieved the level of success you want, then you need to listen to this episode. It will change the way you think, literally.  Key Points:  At 2:00 – David explains how finding a book at an airport, along with working a 12 step program for his drug and alcohol abuse, sparked his desire to solve the problem every entrepreneur faces.  At 4:00 – There’s a science behind the stories you tell yourself and the beliefs you have, and David explains how re-framing can change the way you experience life. Especially the beliefs you don’t realize you have.  At 14:00 – David explains why you can’t just ‘dabble’ in self-improvement, and telling yourself to ‘just believe,’ isn’t enough. He talks about what it really takes to make right thinking work for you.  At 18:00 – David explains reframing, and how people are not even close to working at full capacity, all because of the stories they tell themselves.  At 23:00 – Danny and David discuss ‘The Secret,’ and why it failed to work for so many people. He provides real, actionable advice that goes beyond wanting a million dollars or a new house.

From "Business Reimagined with Danny Iny | The Mirasee Podcast"

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