The realities & possibilities of turning your content into a book

11 Jan 2024 • 36 min • EN
36 min
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With all your expertise, experience, & education, you have a LOT to say! Your goals are to impact & help many many many people with your insights, thought leadership, and body of knowledge. SO…that means, it's HIGHLY likely that at some point you've pondered this question: "Should I take everything I've got and turn it into a book?" GREAT Q! Today's episode of Content Creation Made Easy will help you navigate the reality of bringing a non-fiction book to life. In a delightfully honest convo with author Annie Schiffmann, author of Simple Social Media, she reveals the truth about her bringing her book to life. (SPOILER ALERT: there were definitely days where she wondered, "Who the HELL thought this was a good idea?!) Annie says: "I don't know what happened. But I was like, okay. If this guy can get away with this, I can write a book? But the reason, besides just overall delusions of grandeur, why I wanted to write a book, was so my ideas would be able to get in front of more people without ME having to get in front of more people." Listen & learn about the misconceptions, challenges, & lessons of turning your intellectual property into a published work… And make it all a LOT easier when it's your turn! BONUS - Since Annie's book is called Simple Social Media, we dive into her framework & unpack how to ease-ify social media & make it take WAY less time. Grab your copy of the book here: Is getting a book out of YOUR head on your 2024 "list"? Listen for honest nuggets to ease-ify your path to authorship AND social media! **Thank you for taking a moment & telling us how this podcast helps make your content life easier! We so appreciate listener comments & reviews because this stuff does NOT have to be complicated. You help us share this information with many more people's ears. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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