The Psychology of Selling: Steps to Selling that Work | Grant Mitterlehner

19 Feb 2024 • 75 min • EN
75 min
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Welcome to this episode of the Wealthy Way podcast with Grant Mitterlehner, a successful sales trainer and entrepreneur with $50M+ in solar sales, as he and Ryan dissect authentic communication in sales, reveal insights on successful sales strategies, and explore Grant"s plans for consulting and private equity, offering invaluable lessons for anyone looking to elevate their sales game in this enlightening episode! --- If you want to level up, text me at 725-444-5244!  --- Connect with Grant! Instagram - YouTube - Website - Welcome Grant to the Wealthy Way podcast! Grant has achieved over $50M in solar sales and is excelling on social media. He began seriously engaging with social media in 2020 during the TikTok trend. About a year and a half later, Fox Business discovered him and sought an interview, recognizing the impact he was making. In any business, sales are the lifeblood. Grant gained his sales expertise through hands-on experience, putting himself in survival mode within the sales arena. To elevate his skills, he delved into sales psychology and studied successful salesmen. Grant emphasizes that every thriving entrepreneur is distinct and authentic. Ryan recently overhauled his sales department. Upon scrutinizing his team, he identified a challenge – his employees struggled to close deals because they lacked a comprehensive understanding of the products they were selling. While it"s relatively simple to master a single product, Ryan"s team dealt with a variety of products, necessitating a deeper understanding of each item. Grant details his sales training approach for new hires, incorporating video modules, field experience, and mentorship from seasoned members of the sales team. Grant advocates adopting an indifferent stance towards the sale. People become cautious when they sense a sales pitch, so the key is to break down their defenses by maintaining authenticity throughout the sales process. Adjusting your communication style based on the person you"re interacting with is not a sign of being fake; it is a genuine aspect of effective communication. Just as you wouldn"t address your partner in the same way as a customer, recognizing and adapting to different individuals" styles fosters honesty, facilitating the handling of objections and navigating through the sales process. Grant harbors a passion for aiding entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their businesses. Moving forward, he intends to focus on consulting, private equity, and expanding his personal brand.

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