The Khan Academy with Sal Khan (Founder & CEO, The Khan Academy)

11 Oct 2023 • 50 min • EN
50 min
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In this episode, we delve into the world of education and innovation with our special guest, Sal Khan, the visionary founder, and CEO of Khan Academy. Sal's mission is to provide a free, world-class education to learners of all ages and backgrounds, and his pioneering approach to education has earned him acclaim as a trailblazer in the ed-tech industry alongside his early adoption of Generative AI technologies.  We uncover the intriguing narrative behind Khanmigo's inception and the driving inspiration that birthed this ground-breaking platform. Explore how Khanmigo and cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT 4 are revolutionizing the educational landscape. Delve into the significant role curiosity plays in Sal's approach to innovation and education. Plus, get a glimpse into Sal's personal interests and the diverse curiosities that ignite his passion beyond the realms of AI and education. Produced by Aliki Paolinelis & Jessica Wickham and edited by Roman Pechersky & Danny Cross About the Curious Advantage Podcast Series The Curious Advantage Podcast series is brought to you by the authors of the book The Curious Advantage, Paul Ashcroft, Simon Brown & Garrick Jones and it is about how individuals and organisations use the power of curiosity to drive success in their lives and organisations, especially in the context of our new digital reality. It brings to life the latest understanding from neuroscience, anthropology, history and behaviourism about curiosity and makes these useful for everyone. About ‘The Curious Advantage’ Book The Curious Advantage is an exploration of the idea of Curiosity and its increasing importance for thriving in the digital age. Taking the widest possible exploration of things Curious – historical, contemporary, neuro-scientific, anthropological, behavioural, semantic and business-focused. At the heart of the book is our model of Curiosity, called ’Sailing the 7 C’s of Curiosity’. This model provides individuals with a practical framework for how to be successfully Curious and use Curiosity as a power skill to unlock their own potential. To find out more visit: Get your copy on Amazon The Curious Advantage Audiobook is also available on audible Follow The Curious Advantage on LinkedIn

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