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The Inside Scoop on Monetization and Hosting with Captivate CEO Mark Asquith

12 Sep 2023 • 48 min • EN
48 min
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I had so many questions for my guest Mark Asquith that we just weren’t able to stick to one topic! We had planned on talking about how to choose a podcast hosting provider—which we do discuss. But Mark is so knowledgable about the podcast industry, that we had to chat about other aspects of podcasting. Plus, I knew you’d want to hear about monetizing your show! “I would rather you start your podcast somewhere than not start it.” -Mark Asquith In this episode, you’ll hear about:What to look for when choosing a podcast hosting providerInsider tips on podcast ads and sponsorshipsIdeas for monetizing from day 1What website to use for your podcast (depending on whether it’s standalone vs part of your business)Why you should start a podcast even if you think the industry is saturated “So I think the point that I'm getting at is diversity monetization is really, really, really important. And it's not something many people think about because they often do think they need big numbers to make any money. And it's not, you need big numbers to make a certain type of money, but you can make a lot of other types of money without that.” -Mark Asquith Mark Asquith is the CEO and co-founder Captivate.FM, the podcast hosting provider that I use for all of my podcasts. He is the host of The Podcast Accelerator and has been  a keynote speaker at TED X, Harvard University, Entrepreneur, and major podcast conferences. Connect with Mark: -- Learn the benefits of guest appearances, what you’re doing wrong, and how to make your next interview The Best Ever in this bingeable 5-episode miniseries on Podcast Guesting Insider Tips—for guests and hosts. PARTNERSHIP Try my number 1 recommendation for recording (interviews and solo), live-streaming, and webinars, and get a $10 credit: Streamyard

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