The importance of "Pre interview talk" for host and guest.

28 Aug 2023 • 2 min • EN
2 min
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Episode Transcript: When it comes to being a guest on various shows, there are several crucial aspects that both hosts and guests should consider to ensure a successful and meaningful conversation. As a guest, my approach centers around delivering value to the audience. Instead of solely focusing on self-promotion, it's essential to emphasize what knowledge, insights, or experiences you can offer that will genuinely benefit the listeners. This audience-centric mindset is key. From the guest's perspective, it's also important to establish your credibility without overshadowing the core message. Sharing your background and expertise in a humble manner can help the host and audience understand why you're a valuable source of information. Shifting to the host's standpoint, transparency is crucial. Providing guests with a clear understanding of the format, expectations, and technical details of the show helps create a comfortable and informed environment. For instance, if video will be involved, it's considerate to mention it, especially considering the varying degrees of preparation required. Considering the editing process is equally important. Being upfront about whether the conversation can be edited allows guests to adjust their responses accordingly. Knowing whether it's a one-take scenario or if there's room for adjustments can significantly impact the flow of the conversation. Understanding the intended audience is paramount. As a guest, knowing who the audience is enables you to tailor your insights and examples to be relevant and relatable. If the listeners are professionals in a specific field, aligning your discussion with their interests creates a more engaging experience. In summary, effective communication between hosts and guests prior to recording is vital. Guests should focus on delivering value to the audience, establish credibility, and be receptive to the show's format and audience. Hosts should provide clarity on technical details, editing, and the intended audience to ensure a seamless and impactful conversation. This collaborative approach sets the stage for an engaging and informative podcast episode. --------------------------------------------Disclaimer: Hey guys Jeffrey here with another episode. So you might have noticed a strange voice which is not but an AI voice. Before you go and unsubscribe me hear me out. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and the promise of posting episodes every day - I just couldn't follow up. No matter how much good content I have because of my health I can't do it. So I have written the episode script myself and I have posted it. Hope you enjoy the episode. --------------------------------------- Audio - Elevan Labs

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