Glenn Beck & Marty Bent

Ep 164 | The REAL Story Behind the FTX Scandal | Marty Bent | The Glenn Beck Podcast

15 Nov 2022 • 76 min • EN
76 min
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On the surface, it appeared the FTX scandal involving Sam Bankman-Fried created yet another crisis for cryptocurrency. But that’s not the real story. On this episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Glenn gets a “Bitcoin for Dummies” guide from Marty Bent, who explains what actually happened with FTX and where he believes the markets will go from here. Marty has devoted his career to safeguarding financial freedom from the tyranny of the government and elites — a major focus of his newsletter “Marty’s Bent” and podcasts including “Tales from the Crypt.” He’s critical of the globalist vision for our financial future, which he sees as the result of a “progressive” movement to get rid of God. And he warns that the FTX scandal could make a convenient excuse for centralizing Bitcoin and ushering in more state control, mass surveillance, ESG, and social credit scores. In fact, the Federal Reserve’s push for a digital dollar has already begun … SPONSORS: Forget the high prices and low quality of the grocery store: This is your chance to inflation-proof your meat budget with Good Ranchers’ Black Friday savings, including $70 of free USDA CHOICE steaks, and an additional $25 on every box when you subscribe. Go to https://GOODRANCHERS.COM/GLENN or use the code “GLENN” at checkout to grab their best offer of the year.   Whether it’s a refinance of your mortgage at a lower interest rate, or a consolidation loan to get you out from under things like those high-interest credit card bills – or some other type of loan entirely – American Financing is here for you. Call American Financing at 800-906-2440 or go to If you're one of the millions of Americans who suffer every day from pain, there is hope, and it comes in the form of Relief Factor. If you want a drug-free and natural way to get your life back, go to or call 800-4-RELIEF to get the $19.95 3-week quick start. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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