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The Future of Coaching Programs with Darren McKee

20 Feb 2024 • 39 min • EN
39 min
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In today's episode, we're diving deep into the current state of the talent development and coaching industry as of February 2024. We will also discuss:The latest trends, like the shift to a bank-style allocation of coaching sessions and the resurgence of in-person workshops and trainings, particularly for C-suite leaders. Considerations for L&D leaders when choosing external coaching providersStrategies for organizations with budget constraints to still invest in crucial talent development initiativesHow companies can benefit from strategic coaching pilots, auditing coaching programs, and even comparing multiple coaching providers to make educated decisionsChallenges of succession planning, the critical role of the "forgotten middle" managers, and the necessity for alignment and C-suite involvement to ensure the success of learning programsThe complexities global companies face in finding equitable solutions across all headquarters, and how coaching is adapting to support busy professionals through shorter, more targeted session Darren McKee's journey took a transformative turn during his tenure at Better, a dynamic company nestled along the vibrant west coast. He arrived with the ambition to excel in sales, particularly in the realm of coaching services, and quickly proved his mettle by surpassing his sales targets. However, it was the invaluable mentorship of PhD industrial-organizational psychologists, affectionately termed "people scientists" at Better, that reshaped his approach to sales and customer interaction. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with these experts, Darren was steered towards a deeper comprehension of his buyers' core needs and desires. He learned to strip away the superfluous details of his pitches to focus on what really mattered to his clients: behavioral changes and tangible outcomes. This epiphany was a career-defining moment for Darren; he dove headlong into learning and adapting his techniques to align with the rich insights shared by his colleagues. Darren's story exemplifies the power of empathy and expertise in forging a successful sales career, underscored by an unwavering commitment to truly understanding and addressing the needs of those he served. Connect with Andy Storch here: Website LinkedIn Join us in the Talent Development Think Tank Community! Connect with Darren McKee: LinkedIn

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