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Meb Faber Returns!

19 May 2023 • 85 min • EN
85 min
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Meb Faber, CIO and CEO of Cambira Investments returns to The Business Brew.   Bill wanted to chat with Meb about the global diversified portfolio and Meb agreed to come on.  The conversation also discusses drawdown emotions, the merits of ETS vs mutual funs, Meb's thoughts on marketing, and much more. Meb is a great thinker, entrepreneur, and podcast host. He's also one cool dude. You can find Meb's writing here. You can find his podcast on Apple here and on Spotify here. Other links mentioned: Ray Dalio Book: Principles for Dealing with a Changing World Order Bridgewater All Weather Paper. A Tweet of Meb's about Global stocks ex-US Recent Jesse Livermore tweet RE: P/Es CAPE, etc Sponsor Info: Daloopa is founded by a former hedge fund analyst to bring simplicity into the investment process. Daloopa offers an AI driven single source for all company reported data, and allows for investment teams to make the most informed decisions in the shortest amount of time. Daloopa scales the velocity of an investment team’s idea gen. Analysts spend less time locating and manually inputting meaningful disclosures into Excel and more time synthesizing in the minutes after the print. Daloopa captures data from all company reported sources, including from footnotes, MD&As, and investor presentations. Our data sheets include GAAP to non-GAAP adjustments, guidance, and all company specific KPIs. Each datapoint is auditable to the source for easy verification and accuracy. Daloopa’s Excel plugin can also update your existing models for the latest quarter in just a single click. Bulge-bracket banks and major multi-managers are trusting Daloopa for use in initiating coverage, building and maintaining industry dashboards, and keeping their models up to date. Visit ⁠⁠ to create a free account and learn more about how Daloopa can help increase your team’s speed to differentiated insight. Detailed Show Notes  Conversation starts with Berkshire weekend and Buffett discussion 4:55 – Meb’s take on global diversification 7:50 – The best compliment you can give someone 10:05 – Drawdowns are like a Ricther Scale 14:00 – The single biggest investing myth right now 39:30 – Meb’s thoughts on marketing 45:00 - Sell criteria 47:50 - What you need to launch an ETF 52:00 - Mutual Fund to ETF conversions 55:00 - Tax minimization 58:00 - More cases for foreign stocks 1:03:00 - The merits of private/angel investing 1:07:50 - Why Russia might not be "a zero"

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