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Diann Wingert: From Problems to Possibilities

14 Apr 2022 • 48 min • EN
48 min
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Clarity • Reach • Zest From the world of psychotherapy to the world of coaching, Diann Wingert knew she was destined to help others achieve their goals. A late-in-life career change forced Diann to take a second look at herself and step into her authenticity. Today she helps entrepreneurs who aren’t crushing their goals achieve their dreams. From treating failure as an experiment to embracing  forgiveness as a tool for freeing yourself. Diann’s reinvention story is raw, honest, and entertaining. Top Takeaways from this episode: You always end up where you are because of where you’ve been. Our relationship with failure needs to be a conscious decision that it’s just an experiment. Use your past experiences to create the best version of yourself, even if those past experiences are painful. You can control the narrative. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves Change the direction of your life by embracing Gratitude. Many entrepreneurs have ADHD and many people with ADHD become entrepreneurs - use it to your advantage. It’s never too late to change your career path. Therapy is about insight and coaching is about transformation. Get additional details, show notes, links, and a full transcript of the episode here. ORDER YOUR COPY OF F*CK FEARLESS - MAKING THE BRAVE LEAP TODAY, Click Here! Order your Create Brave Manifestation Card Decks here. Check out The Brave Files Book Collection here!  Get your BRAVE on by joining our exclusive (and FREE) Facebook Collective, Brave on Purpose. Join here.  Share your feedback by emailing heather@vickeryandco.com Grab your BRAVE AF and GRATEFUL AF swag now. 

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