Scott D. Clary & Marc Randolph , Success Story with Scott D. Clary

Marc Randolph - Co-Founder & First CEO of Netflix | Building a $100 Billion Dollar Company

24 Jul 2022 • 65 min • EN
65 min
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➡️ Like The Podcast? Leave A Rating:   ➡️ About The Guest⁣ Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, investor, and keynote speaker. Marc was co-founder of the online movie and television streaming service Netflix, serving as their founding CEO, as the executive producer of their website, and as a member of their board of directors until his retirement in 2004.  Although best known for starting Netflix, Marc's career as an entrepreneur spans more than four decades. He's been a founder of more than half a dozen other successful start-ups, a mentor to hundreds of early-stage entrepreneurs, and an investor in numerous successful (and an even larger number of unsuccessful) tech ventures. ➡️ Show Links     ➡️ Podcast Sponsors HUBSPOT - ➡️ Talking Points⁣ 00:00 - Intro 02:02 - Marc Randolph's origin story 05:15 - The origin story of Netflix 08:26 - Marc’s Co-Founder relationship with Reed Hastings 13:30 - How did Marc validate the first iteration of Netflix was a viable business option? 19:01 - What is Marc Randolph's core theme? 20:51 - What is the concept of “no ideas are good ideas”? 24:30 - What does Marc think about why a lot of entrepreneurs over-iterate the MVP? 32:57 - How to balance chasing after attractive products and giving up on a viable business idea? 47:22 - While creating Netflix, what was the culture and how did Marc survive? 50:22 - Why did Marc Randolph leave Netflix and move on to something else? 53:09 - Was Marc Randolph always self-aware of what he was doing throughout his career? 55:59 - What is Marc Randolph doing nowadays and what is the role of his podcast? 58:36 - What was the biggest challenge Marc faced in his life? 1:00:00 - What would Marc tell his 20-year-old self? 1:00:42 - Most impactful person in Marc’s life 1:02:00 - Marc’s book or podcast recommendation 1:02:45 - What does success mean to Marc Randolph? 1:04:27 - How can people connect to Marc Randolph? Our Sponsors: * Check out 1Password: * Check out Neurohacker: * Check out Policygenius: * Check out eufy: Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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