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Starting remote company from Scratch | Anath Lee Wales | #TGVGlobalSpeakerFestival | #TGV426

14 Jan 2024 • 27 min • EN
27 min
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This is Ep. #14 from #TGVGlobalSpeakerFestival and the Guest Anath Meyers is from Rwanda Tune into #TGV426 to get clarity on the above topic. Here are the pointers from Anath’s conversation with Naveen Samala on The Guiding Voice First rapid fire/Introduction and context settingAnath’s PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY AND THE TOP 3 THINGS THAT HELPED IN HIS SUCCESSWhat Unique challenges did he face when building a remote company, and how did these experiences shape his approach to remote work?Memorable story of an innovative way his remote team collaborates that wouldn't be possible in a traditional office settingOne pivotal moment in his corporate timeline and how it transformed his business?Which three major corporate industries are the most adaptable to remote work environments, and why?One unconventional piece of advice to people starting a new ventureDelve into the inspiration of “The Devil, The Blind, and Awakening the World", and find out the meaning behind it and how it ties into his mission.WITTY ANSWERS TO THE RAPID-FIRE QUESTIONSOne message or piece of advice to leave with our listeners, as they navigate their journey toward personal growth and societal changeTRIVIA ABOUT Rwanda   ABOUT THE GUEST: ANATH was born in Rwanda in 1997 and transitioned into a multifaceted life path when he assumed the role of a caregiver for his family following his father's passing in 2018.  Amidst these responsibilities, he found refuge in literature, authoring his first book, "Your Life Can Be Changed," which has inspired personal and societal transformations.  ANATH LEE WALES is now a respected social scientist, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and motivational speaker, dedicated to driving positive change as the CEO of DADYMINDS Ltd. Connect with Anath Lee Wales on LinkedIn: Connect with the Host on LinkedIn: Naveen Samala: LinkedIn | Personal Website Support Our Mission: To contribute to our mission, consider making a donation (any amount of your choice) via PayPal: Donate Here Explore Productivity: Become a productivity monk by enrolling in this course: Productivity Monk Course Discover "TGV Inspiring Lives" on Amazon: Volume 1 available on Kindle and Paperback:KindlePaperback Connect in Your Preferred Language: #TGV is available in Hindi & Telugu on YouTube:HindiTelugu Audio Podcast: Listen to #TGV on Spotify:HindiTelugu Follow on Twitter:@GuidingVoice Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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