Andrew Stamper & Andy Frye

A Conversation with Andy Frye (90 Days in the ’90s)

24 Jan 2023 • 75 min • EN


Greetings and welcome to Stamper Cinema! In this episode we take a fun trip back to all things 1990s with Andy Frye, writer of the ridiculously amazing novel 90 DAYS IN THE 90s. Listen on as Andy and I discuss one of, if not the, most important decades ever. No, really!  I'm serious. Fine, ya disillusioned skeptic! Just listen to this and we'll prove it. Enjoy! Topics Covered Friday (1995 film) Pulp Fiction (1995) Dazed & Confused (1993) Grunge vs Ska STP's Creep vs Radiohead's Creep Ugly Kid Joe The best sports team of the 90s (spoiler alert: it's the Bulls) and much much more! Andy Frye links Twitter Forbes (no big deal) Andrew Stamper links linktree I'm Amazing too! (the only story I can find from my navy journalism days)

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