Special episode: Peter answers questions on longevity, supplements, protein, fasting, apoB, statins, and more

23 Oct 2023 • 79 min • EN
79 min
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View the Show Notes Page for This Episode Become a Member to Receive Exclusive Content Sign Up to Receive Peter’s Weekly Newsletter In this special episode of The Drive, Peter discusses a variety of topics, breaking away from the typical deep-dive format to explore a wide range of common questions submitted by listeners. Peter tackles subjects like the viability of living to 120 and beyond, addressing some of the optimistic theories regarding achievement of this remarkable feat. Peter then shares his drug and supplement regimen while emphasizing how individualized these protocols need to be. The conversation also touches on lowering apoB, the long-term use of statins, the myth of good vs. bad cholesterol, the complexities of nutrition research, the quest for the ideal diet, and Peter's strategies for hitting daily protein goals. Peter finishes with a discussion about his favorite health-tracking wearables, the role of CGM in non-diabetics, and more. We discuss: Overview of topics and previous episodes of a similar format [2:45]; The viability of living to 120 and beyond: some optimistic theories [4:45]; The potential of mTOR inhibition as a mid-life intervention, and longevity potential for the next generation [13:30]; A framework for thinking about geroprotective drugs and supplements in the context of a lack of aging biomarkers [17:00]; Supplements Peter takes and how his regimen has changed in the last year [26:15]; Pharmacologic strategies to lower ASCVD risk, the limitations of statins, nutritional interventions, and more [36:15]; Misnomers about cholesterol [48:00]; Why nutritional research is so challenging, some general principles of nutrition, and why Peter stopped doing prolonged fasts [50:45]; Optimizing protein intake [59:45]; Wearables for sleep and exercise, continuous glucose monitors (CGM), and a continuous blood pressure monitor on the horizon [1:04:45]; and More. Connect With Peter on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

From "The Peter Attia Drive"

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