Setting the Scales to No Regrets! Part I: Balancing Ambition with Personal Well-being

31 Jan 2024 • 42 min • EN
42 min
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With mental health crisis, adrenal fatigue, burnout, and stress-induced illnesses on the rise, the topic of your well-being deserves a bit more prioritization. This episode shined light on the importance of self-care, reflection, celebration, and what it means to maintain a healthy balance between ambition and your personal well-being. If you’re curious about how to nurture genuine relationships, set healthy boundaries, while avoiding burnout in the process, tune in. Time Stamps: 00:00 Seek to encounter your highest, most evolved self. 03:56 Honoring rest, recharge, and the need to reset is crucial. You matter. 07:07 Reframing boundaries. 11:52 Engage in genuine conversations beyond work talk. 16:29 Deep trust with intimate kitchen table people. 19:12 Evaluating opportunities based on personal and long-term goals. 23:15 Positive self-talk affects energy and surroundings. 26:12 It’s time to get awkward and disrupt patterns. 28:12 Setting boundaries is key to balancing ambition. 34:09 Scheduling breaks, conserving energy, and prioritizing tasks. 37:56 Importance of self-reflection and celebrating accomplishments. 40:56 Celebrate achievements, seek external recognition, and create balance. ANNOUNCEMENT: Ready for self-care mastery that activates alignment in your life, business, and relationships? Join us in our new mentorship, the Women’s Self-Care Guild- a sanctuary for ambitious women seeking peace. More on the BBP: Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business (and a few brave men) is a weekly podcast hosted by Naketa Ren Thigpen, the #1 Balance (and) Relationship Advisor in the world. The show offers work-life balance and relationship development strategies you can implement that help you navigate transitions in life while strengthening personal and professional relationships. Naketa and her incredibly potent guest focus on enhancing mental health and wellbeing without sacrificing boundaries, sustainable business growth practices, or relationship intimacy from the bedroom to the boardroom. The strategies shared in what feels like a mutual conversation with friends you trust will help you leave new multigenerational imprints and balance boldly. Your Review Matters! Listen & Leave a review on Apple Podcast: Listen & Leave a review on Spotify: If you’re ready for intentional rest and relaxation strategies that support your mental health and increase productivity, WATCH our newest show, The Lazy Overachiever & JOIN the channel: YouTube @TLOshow The Lazy Overachiever Show is your haven away from the hustle. Subscribe to the link above on your favorite podcast app to gain insights into the benefits of balancing achievement with well-deserved rest. Follow: LinkedIn: Instagram: Threads: <a...

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