Serving With Pride And Embracing Challenge: Ketara's Story Founder of The Brave Woman Academy

20 Jan 2024 • 76 min • EN
76 min
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In this episode of The Female Veterans Podcast, I welcome Ketara, a proud National Guard servicemember and the founder of Brave Woman Academy. We explore the often overlooked journey of a guardsman. Ketara shares her multifaceted experiences and the astonishing breadth of skills she acquired, reminding us that the Guard's mission is as critical as any in our armed forces. Ketara gets candid about the unique journey of serving in the National Guard, the often-overlooked challenges guardsmen face, and the experiences that shape their military careers. Ketara illuminates the intricate balance of civilian and military life, the importance of readiness at all times, and the prejudice guardsmen must contend with, as we share stories of service, growth, and camaraderie. Episode Highlights: A deep dive into the misconceptions and lesser-known truths about the National Guard's pivotal role. The revelation of Ketara's transformative experiences, from competitiveness in her unit to the patriotic duty during Desert Storm and COVID-19. The significance and sensitivity of end-of-service traditions, including the intricacies of burial rights and benefits for veterans. Ketara's personal challenge of grief and how it steered her to establish a haven for healing, the Brave Woman Academy, to support her fellow women veterans. Investing in self-improvement and professional development paralleled to grooming, highlighting the importance of nurturing one's inner self alongside outer care. Kia and Ketara's shared journey of coping with the transition between military rigor and civilian sensibilities, including Kia's decision-making process between the Navy and the Air Force. The exploration of female empowerment, self-worth, and resistance against conformity through Kia and Ketara's personal and professional trials and triumphs. Key Quotes: 00:56:31 - "You think you know, but legally, you could be left out in the cold." - Ketara on marital status and burial benefits. 00:57:23 - "Hold onto those documents like lifelines." - Kia advising on the critical nature of maintaining military records. 01:01:01 - "Brave Woman Academy isn't just about healing; it's my legacy, my gift to the world." - Ketara sharing her inspiration for helping others. 01:05:22 - "There's an unspeakable bond that forms when women stand together through the trials of service." - Kia on sisterhood in the military. Conclusion: Embrace the honor and resiliency of this inspiring servicemember as we discuss her life-altering experiences and the enduring bonds born out of our time in the military. Ketara's enlightening perspective offers a fresh glance into the world of guardsmen, military standards, and the pursuit of personal enlightenment, providing an indispensable resource to listeners and veterans alike. Call to Action: If this episode moved you or echoed your own experiences, please share it with those who might find solace and empowerment in these stories. Subscribe to The Female Veterans Podcast for more compelling conversations, and be sure to tag along for our upcoming workshop with the Barbara Giordano Foundation. Join our community by signing up for our upcoming Newsletter at Want to show some support - follow on Instagram @thefemaleveteranspodcast. Subscribe to the YT Channel and share to keep the dialogue going!

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