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Science Unshackled: Restoring Causality in a World of Chaos - Matthew Ehret (#274)

15 Dec 2023 • 106 min • EN
106 min
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Freedom Broadcaster Livestream  Tuesday, Dec 12Guest:  Matthew Ehret Bio: Other publications: Breaking Free of Anti-China Psyops: How the Cold War is being revived and what you can do about it  - Matthew Ehret, Cynthia Chung You can purchase them here: ======= Thanks to my Sponsors : If you or know some body you know is struggling with anxiety and want to know how to be 100% anxiety free, in 6 weeks, without therapy or drugs, fully guaranteed - then let me tell you about our sponsor Daniel Packard. His research company spent 8 years testing to develop an innovative process that solves your anxiety permanently in just 6 weeks - with an astounding 90% success rate.  Because their program is so effective, people who join their program only pay at the end, once they have clear, measurable results. If you’re interested in solving your anxiety in 6 weeks - fully guaranteed  - and you want to learn more and have a free consultation with Daniel, go to -------------------------- Do you have High Blood Pressure and/ or want to get off the Meds Doctors are amazed at what the Zona Plus can do $50 Discount with my Code ROY  ------ TIP/DONATE LINK for Grace Asagra @ Quantum Nurse Podcast Interview Panel: Grace Asagra, RN MA Podcast:  Quantum Nurse: Roy CoughlanPodcast: AWAKENING TIP/DONATE LINK for Roy Coughlan @ Awakening Podcast Topic: Science Unshackled: Restoring Causality in a World of Chaos Matthew is a journalist and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Patriot Review, Senior Fellow at the American University of Moscow and BRI Expert for Rogue News. Matthew has published scientific articles with 21st Century Science and Technology, Nexus, Principia Scientifica, and is a regular author on Strategic Culture, Washington Times, The Cradle and Global Research. He has authored the book series “The Untold History of Canada” and the recently published book series“The Clash of the Two Americas. Volumes 1-3: Vol 1- The Unfinished Symphony, Vol 2- Open vs. Closed System and vol 3 - The Birth of a Eurasian Manifest Destiny and most recent- Science Unshackled: Restoring Causality in a World of Chaos Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts ⁠

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