S3 EP 112: Khushi T. Saha, Interracial Romance Author - Bonus Love Fest Author

03 Apr 2024 • 33 min • EN
33 min
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Hello Happy People, Today we bring you an interview with the incredible interracial romance author, Khushi T. Saha. Dianne and Khushi talked about her writing process, all of her published works, and an upcoming event where fans could actually meet her. They did the usual five quick questions that turned out surprisingly quicker than normal.  Khushi is a first-generation Bangladeshi in America. While she was born and raised in the U.S., her connection to the motherland is fierce. It is easy to recognize South Asian references and representation purposely sprinkled throughout her novels. Khushi has always been a notorious daydreamer, finding distraction in the creation of her own worlds. When you add this creative mindset to her tendency to be, in her words, a mushy person, it is easy to understand the appeal romance books held for her, both reading and writing. Khushi credits her decision to write romance novels as an attempt at self-care. Writing became therapy to deal with past personal trauma. There was no way she could have predicted her chosen method of healing would eventually evolve into a full fledged romance writing career. In her novels, Khushi strives to bring a voice to underrepresented people with her interracial romances. Her stories are full of angst and personal growth, with plenty of steamy passion, a touch of snarky humor, and love. Don"t wait, go listen now, then check out the latest issue of Book Banter Magazine on sale now for just $2.99 on BurckhardtBooks.com for more information on Khushi and all the authors coming up on Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt - Book Talk Podcast in the next two months. Khushi"s Social Media: Author Website Amazon Author Page Instagram TikTok Facebook Support the Show. BurckhardtBooks.com: Buy the latest issue: Book Banter Magazine Buy & Read: The Into the West Saga Serial books Subscribe: Our Newsletter About Dianne: Dianne Burckhardt, Award-Winning Indie Author Meet Dianne EP 1: Who Am I? Dianne Burckhardt on Facebook Dianne Burckhardt on TikTok Support Us: FREE options. Learn more, Click here!

From "Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt"

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