S3 EP 109: Sonya Moore, Author of Some Kind of Magic

13 Mar 2024 • 48 min • EN
48 min
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Hello My Happy People, I had so much fun editing this episode recently. It took me right back to the day we recorded this interview. We had such a fantastic conversation. I have so much admiration for Sonya Moore, author of Some Kind of Magic, A True Story Of Love Life And Wanderlust for everything she has accomplished in her life and career.  I personally know how hard it can be to just chuck the life you have always known and just pick up and move to a foreign country where you don"t have family, don"t know if you will be able to find a job or even just speak the language, or if you will have a hard time making new friends. Sonya didn"t let any challenges stand in the way of her getting the life she wanted.  Traveling the world had always been something Sonya loved about her job, but she often did not have time to enjoy the local culture and sites. Most often, she was off to her next destination almost as soon as her work was concluded. Sonya was good at her job, but it came with a high level of stress that just didn"t balance out with what her heart truly desired. The day finally came when she had enough.  In 2017, while sitting at her computer, alone in a hotel room in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sonya reached her limit. She suddenly and without warning, she found herself shouting to universe, "I don"t want this anymore!" This epiphany was the beginning of her new life.  While it would take a few month to bring her life to a place where she could actually start living the life as she wanted, she wasted no time getting the wheels in motion to take her on her new path of self love, deeper discovery, and travel she was able to thoroughly enjoy. Her book, Some Kind of Magic, A True Story Of Love Life And Wanderlust details the magical transformation that has led her to a new peaceful life in Papua New Guinea. Listen now to her incredible interview. Sonya Moore"s Website Buy Some kind of Magic Sonya on YouTube Sonya on Instagram Join Sonya"s Retreat  Support the Show. BurckhardtBooks.com: Buy the latest issue: Book Banter Magazine Buy & Read: The Into the West Saga Serial books Subscribe: Our Newsletter About Dianne: Dianne Burckhardt, Award-Winning Indie Author Meet Dianne EP 1: Who Am I? Dianne Burckhardt on Facebook Dianne Burckhardt on TikTok Support Us: FREE options. Learn more, Click here!

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