Retiring My Husband - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

06 Feb 2024 • 32 min • EN
32 min
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Welcome to a personal solo episode where we're diving into the dream of retiring your partner. Yep, that big vision that's a mix of financial freedom and relationship dynamics. I'm flying solo today, and I want us to really get into what it means to have this goal and how it plays out in real life. So, you're dreaming of retiring your partner, right? But let's get real—what does that look like? Sure, it's all about financial empowerment and seeing your partner thrive, but there's a lot more to it. I'm going to share my journey, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. From setting intentions to facing challenges, we're going to cover it all. Join me as we chat about the highs and lows of chasing this dream. We'll talk about the nitty-gritty—financial considerations, relationship dynamics, and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with it. And hey, I've been there, done that, so expect some candid reflections and a real honest conversation.   Show Notes: [5:07] - Although amazing, your relationship has to be able to withstand this growth. [6:22] - If you allow yourself to expand financially, it could open doors for your partner as well who may be dreaming of leaving a job they don’t love or even going back to school. [8:59] - Have you felt that there is something more for your partner before they even realize it? [10:44] - Elyse explains the moment when her husband set the intention of going to medical school. [12:39] - In a nutshell, Elyse quit playing small in her life and in her business. [14:08] - The shifts came first inside herself before they manifested outward. See yourself as the person who can retire your partner. Feel worthy of your income. [16:50] - Overall, it’s incredible, but there were a lot of ups and downs. [19:17] - Elyse shares some of the early challenges when they decided this would happen. [20:51] - In spite of the bumps in the road, there have been valuable life improvements through this journey. [22:17] - When you invest in yourself, it is a double blessing. It elevates everyone in your family. [24:07] - You have to believe you can do it. [27:03] - Masculine and feminine energy has a huge impact. [29:58] - There’s so much to say about this topic.   Links and Resources: Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance Mini Course Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club Mastermind Permission to be Powerful by Elyse Archer

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