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Bucket List Travel on Any Budget with Danielle Desir

30 Aug 2021 • 25 min • EN
25 min
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Since travel is on many soon-to-be retirees' must-do lists I have created this summer travel series with various travel experts. Danielle Desir from the Thought Card podcast joins me today to discuss how to travel to any destination on a budget. Recognized by Flight Network as one of the best travel hackers in the world, Danielle has figured out how to travel to bucket-list destinations on a dime. Are you ready to learn how to plan your next big trip on any budget? Listen in to discover how. Outline of This Episode [1:22] Danielle’s journey to bucket list budget travel [3:23] Identify the things that you value [7:21] Take an individual approach  [10:53] Danielle’s top destinations [12:32] How to choose to repeat a destination [15:41] Jet lag tips [20:47] Where to learn more about travel hacking with Danielle If you’re on a budget, don’t settle for inexpensive destinations, think big! Many people think that if they are on a budget they can only travel to budget-friendly places, but Danielle Desir takes a different approach. As a travel hacker, Danielle has learned how to make travel to bucket-list destinations more affordable. She describes using an abundance mentality as a way to make affordable travel work. She recommends getting creative when planning, “take what you have and make it work.” Identify what matters to you The first step in becoming a financially savvy traveler is to identify what you value in travel. Is it important to you to be comfortable on a flight? Do you like to eat out and try the best local cuisine? Do you want to see everything you can in one location? Do you prefer luxury accommodations?  Once you have identified what the most important aspects of travel are to you then you will understand where you can be flexible in your spending. If eating out isn’t important to you then you can save money by packing a sack lunch each day. If a fancy hotel room isn’t important then you could save money by staying in a hostel or an inexpensive Airbnb or motel.  Understanding what you value in travel will help you save money and ensure that you have an amazing time on your trip.  Make a game of saving money Another way to save money is to gamify your planning experience. By making a game of saving money you can compete with yourself to see how much money you can save each time you travel. You can cut costs in a variety of ways by looking for inexpensive accommodation, saving on flights, or by using travel points. Gamifying your travel costs allows you to get creative and save more.  Communication is key when it comes to couples’ travel When traveling with your significant other it is important to take into account what they value as well. Make sure to communicate with them so that you are both on the same page. They may value different things about travel so it is important not to skimp in the areas that matter to them.  You should also be understanding of your partner's travel experience. There may be one partner that is more travel savvy than the other. That means that the travel-savvy partner needs to be patient and explain the importance of the things that you do to save money when traveling.  It is also important to remember that traveling in retirement will be much different than traveling for work. You are out there to have fun. Listen to this episode with travel expert Danielle Desir to hear how you can travel to any destination affordably.  Resources & People Mentioned Boomer Benefits Connect with Danielle Desir Thought Card Podcast How To Save Money In Iceland How Much Does A Four Day Trip To Iceland Cost Iceland: Nature, Nurture and Adventure Connect with Benjamin Brandt Get the Retire-Ready Toolkit: Follow Ben on Twitter: Subscribe to the newsletter: Subscribe to Retirement Starts Today on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Podbean, Player FM, iHeart, or Spotify

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