Marisa Corcoran , Permission to Kick Ass

Marisa Corcoran: Redefining what it means to be “professional”

10 Jan 2024 • 41 min • EN
41 min
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Today I’m joined by my Marisa Corcoran! Marisa is the brains behind Copy Confidence Society, where she helps coaches and creatives craft copy that attracts dream clients. We"re both proud "hookers with a heart of gold"—no, it"s not what you"re thinking (you"ll have to listen to get the full story). This episode is full of so much gold. We"re diving into authenticity, giving "professionalism" the middle finger, and giving you a sneak peek into our wild digital nomad adventures... Listen now! Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:Want to kick ass in your business? Step 1: Get to know yourself, flaws and all. Marissa and I are dishing out the deets on why it"s the ultimate game-changer for success... Brace yourselves: copy is not the end-all be-all that marketers like to claim it is. Copy is a must, but it"s only half of the equation. Here’s what matters more… Ever felt the urge to toss your personality out the window for a so-called "professional" mask in your business? Marissa and I are on a mission to debunk that nonsense. Here’s why your true self is the superhero your biz needs… You know the part of you that you think is shameful, embarrassing, and you kinda want to shove in your closet and lock away for the rest of time? My friend, that is your magic and Marisa and I are here to help you claim it…  Why on earth would I put someone in the trunk of my car at a business event? Marisa and I dig into how a random ride to the bar kicked off a whole tradition (one that strangely enough, has people volunteering for the trunk)…  This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out - listen now! Support the Show. Let"s collab: Book a chat Work with Angie Get the PTKA book Let"s connect: Angie’s FB Page Angie on IG Angie on YT If you dig the show and want to help bring more episodes to the world, consider buying a coffee for the production team!

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