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Lindsay McMahon - Staying One Step Ahead in a Crowded Market

18 Jan 2023 • 38 min • EN
38 min
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Lindsay McMahon is the CEO of All Ears English and co-host of the All Ears English podcast serving professionals around the world where speaking English is key for their career success. The popularity of podcasting has exploded over the last several years, but back in 2013, ESL teacher Lindsay McMahon, recognized podcasting as an opportunity to teach English as a second language to adults in a new way. After approaching a fellow teacher and friend to start a podcast together, the All Ears English podcast was born and receives 8 million downloads per month. In this episode, Lindsay discusses using podcasting to help her clients improve their English language skills and scaling a business that is both an education and a media company.  She also covers the key elements that have helped her ensure the continued growth of her business as well as the one thing that has supported her personal growth as an entrepreneur. Lindsay takes us behind the scenes on moving to a blended revenue model to scale her business, using innovation and experimentation to come up with new offers,  and how she is using quizzes and other types of lead magnets to attract new customers to help her stay one step ahead of a crowded market. Lindsay describes the challenges of working with international customers in a global economy, how she solicits continuous feedback from her customers, and transitioning from a partnership to being the sole owner of her company.  Our conversation concludes with Lindsay’s advice for other entrepreneurs when it comes to hiring a team, choosing a niche, and the importance of knowing your financial numbers. In the future, Lindsay is looking forward to launching additional podcasts, building white labeling partnerships, and helping more business owners start podcasts.  Lindsay’s innovative approach to her business and her experience as a podcaster is sure to fill you with lots of inspiration and ideas to apply to your own business. Skip to Topic: 3:29 - Scaling a business that is both a media and education company 4:25 - Transitioning to a blended revenue model to grow the business 6:27 - 2 things Lindsay prioritizes to ensure company growth continues 8:46 - The one thing that has been instrumental in Lindsay’s growth as an entrepreneur 12:06 - Using quizzes and other types of offers to attract customers 14:22 - Innovating and experimenting with different offers and how to decide which ones to pursue 16:05 - The impact of mainstream podcasting on her business 17:51 - The unique podcast format Lindsay uses to teach her audience 20:31- Choosing a niche 21:30 - Transitioning from a partnership to sole ownership of the business 23:50 - 3 key insights about hiring, niching and finances for your business 25:49 -Challenges of serving international clients in a global economy 26:59 - Key elements for consistent business growth 28:11 - Creating a customer feedback loop for improvement and growth Find Lindsay  at: The All Ears English Podcast: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Visit Stephanie at: Follow me on Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Support the show

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