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Cathy Nesbitt - Worming Your Way Into Business By Solving A Rotten Problem

11 Jan 2023 • 46 min • EN
46 min
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Cathy Nesbitt is a worm advocate and the founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters, an environmental business specializing in vermicomposting. Cathy helps educate people on how worms can help with waste management by turning garbage into nutrient rich “black gold” soil. Cathy likes to say she wormed her way into business the way that many would-be entrepreneurs do - she saw a problem and came up with a solution. When her home city of Toronto, Canada had a garbage strike that resulted in people lining up for hours to drop their garbage at transfer stations for export to the United States, she realized that worm composting could help. Cathy"s Crawly Composters was born out of the vision that every household should have a pound of worms for composting which would positively impact waste management and the environment. However, after realizing she first needed a market, Cathy pivoted to an education business speaking to different groups teaching them about worm composting. Cathy was driven by her mission of filling a need and making an impact. She describes how her background in psychology helped her uncover the biggest objections people had to worm farming and the strategy she used to overcome them. She also explains how the shutdown during the pandemic created an opportunity to get her worm kits in front of more people and spread awareness of her worm composting solution. Finally, Cathy talks about her other passion - laughter yoga. She shares a sweet story about how she discovered it, its many benefits, and how now as a laughter yoga teacher, she gets to work with the special needs community - a group she has long loved working with - by teaching them how to use laughter yoga in their lives. Cathy’s business story is unique, delightful, and a wonderful example of how one person can impact their community and beyond by solving a problem and following their purpose. Find Cathy  at: Website: Facebook: YouTube: LinkedIn: Twitter: Register for Cathy’s Tuesday Laughter Club: Visit Stephanie at: Follow me on Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter   Support the show

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