QFF: Discover the success narrative of MicroChilli: A Journey Towards Triumph. Explore the validated strategies and milestones that have paved the path for small business prosperity. (Sharon Crombie)

22 Feb 2024 • 19 min • EN
19 min
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In less than 20 minutes a week, we'll introduce you to an expert or business owner with deep experience in what they do. Grow you, grow your team, grow a small business. Welcome to the "Grow a Small Business" podcast with your host, Troy Trewin. In this episode, Troy interviews Sharon Crombie from microchilli, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. In today's episode, Troy engages in an interview with Sharon Crombie from MicroChilli, delving into the transformative aspects of a business growth program. They emphasize the significance of a 10-year financial model in strategic human resource planning and attaining significant growth. The conversation encompasses topics such as surmounting obstacles, nurturing work-life equilibrium, and acquiring invaluable insights for enduring prosperity. Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners: Strategic Financial Modeling: Utilizing a 10-year financial model is essential for planning and achieving growth goals, providing a clear roadmap for small business success.   Human Resource Planning: Strategic HR planning, specifically understanding the types of employees needed at different stages, is crucial for effective decision-making and resource management.   Work-Life Balance: Prioritizing work-life balance is integral to achieving sustainable success, with a focus on saying no to tasks that don't align with business goals and values. Our hero crafts outstanding reviews following the experience of listening to our special guests. Are you the one we've been waiting for?   Leadership Skills: Building leadership skills is foundational to business growth, emphasizing the need for confident and effective communication to foster team morale and productivity.   Learning from Feedback: Acknowledging the importance of direct feedback and letting go of ego is vital for understanding the team's sentiments and continuously improving business culture.   Continuous Professional Development: Incorporating daily professional development through reading books and listening to podcasts enhances business knowledge and fosters a mindset for continuous growth. One action small business owners can take:   One actionable advice from Sharon Crombie is for small business owners to invest time and effort in creating a 10-year financial model. This strategic financial planning tool serves as a roadmap, aiding in decision-making, resource management, and providing a clear path for achieving growth goals.   Do you have 2 minutes every Friday? Sign up to the Weekly Leadership Email. It's free and we can help you to maximise your time.   Enjoyed the podcast? Please leave a review on iTunes or your preferred platform. Your feedback helps more small business owners discover our podcast and embark on their business growth journey. 👇     Quotable quotes from our special Grow A Small Business podcast guest:   Having somebody input the financial model is crucial for turning ambitious goals into achievable milestones – Sharon Crombie   Prioritizing work-life balance is key to sustained success, learning to say no to tasks misaligned with your goals – Sharon Crombie   Letting go of ego is crucial for understanding and improving your business culture – Sharon Crombie      

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