Cayla Craft & Lori Harder , CRAFTED Entrepreneur

Put Your Dreams on The Line: Navigating Next Level Failures to Reach Next Level Results with Lori Harder, Founder of Glōci

22 Jan 2024 • 66 min • EN
66 min
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Have next level goals for this year? It’s going to take failing forward to reach your next level in your confidence, business, and relationships. Links + Resources: Get executive coaching with Cayla Craft! - Submit Here! Increase your INCOME, PORTFOLIO, and IMPACT! Check out the program to Rewire YOU for Business & take your business to the next level! CONNECT WITH  CAYLA! Follow Cayla on Instagram @cayla.craft Website Watch + Subscribe on YouTube - Cayla Craft Show Notes: If you have some big next level goals on your calendar this year, get ready to face bigger potential failures and lessons along the way. In this episode, I’m joined by author, speaker, and founder of glōci, Lori Harder. Lori shares some of her biggest failures along her journey raising $2M from 54 female investors, and being forced to make the difficult decision to quit the original business plan and make a massive pivot. We also chatted about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and remind you of your greatness while challenging you to step into your highest self. This episode is full of topics from faith to business and relationships to reach your next level in 2024. 00:50 How did growing up in a restrictive religion influence connecting with others as an adult? 06:45 Lessons from our childhoods and how we want to parent with open communication. 14:15 How are fashion, glam, and self-expression personal development tools? 21:15 How to manifest, overcome limiting beliefs and take action towards goals.  29:15 Raising $2M from 54 female investors, facing challenges, and pivoting an entire business. 35:30 Overcoming struggles and personal growth.  39:15 Who you need to surround yourself with to grow to your next level. 43:45 The power of sharing your failures and struggles after you’ve gained your lessons. 46:30 How do you support yourself as you fail forward? 52:00 Why it’s important to choose environments that help you thrive! 58:45 Setting boundaries and choosing to invest in the relationships that challenge you to grow.

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