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The Relationships Professor: “This Is An Emergency!” The Number Of Men Having No Sex Increased 180%! (Why This Is Dangerous & How We Fix It)

02 Oct 2023 • 117 min • EN
117 min
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From financial literacy to modern masculinity, Prof G has a theory for everything. In this new episode Steven sits down with world-leading marketing guru, Professor Scott Galloway. Scott began his career as a Fixed Income Analyst at Morgan Stanley, and in 1992 he started his journey as a serial entrepreneur, founding the brand and marketing consultancy firm, ‘Prophet’, the e-commerce site, ‘RedEnvelope’, and digital intelligence firm, L2 Inc’. In 2017, he released his New York Times bestselling book, ‘The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google’. Scott is a Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of ‘The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway’. In this conversation Scott and Steven discuss topics, such as: The biggest problem facing men Why we need to speak about men Where we are going wrong with men How young people are doing worse that their parents Why levels of suicide is increasing I could have come off the tracks Why young men are struggling Why kids don't have social skills How marriage is now viewed as a luxury item The future of AI and sex bots ruining relationships Why a partner is the key to a happy life The ways that rejection is the key to success The benefits of quitting porn The key to financial security Why you shouldn’t follow your passion The way to get rich by living below your means Why you should assume you aren't smarter than anyone else Patience as the key to getting rich How to start investing and Scott’s success with investing Why financial literacy is essential What is the ultimate expression of masculinity Why young men need role models The most dangerous thing about Andrew Tate What really impresses people Why luxury items are about sex and god What made Scott hyper focused Why you should do an audit on your life How the solutions to world problems are simple Why we should give young people money The ways that masculinity has been hijacked You can purchase Scott’s most recent book, ‘Adrift: 100 Charts that Reveal Why America is on the Brink of Change’, here: Follow Scott: Instagram: Twitter: Watch the episodes on Youtube: My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now: Follow me: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Wework: Huel: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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