Professional Content Creators Explain How They're Using AI Tools In Their Business: Ep. 118

05 Jun 2023 • 33 min • EN
33 min
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In this episode, we explore the fascinating world of AI tools and how content creators are using these tools. Heather asked 14 professional content creators to give us the scoop on how they"re using AI tools in their own businesses. You"ll learn how they"re using AI tools such as Chat GPT, Podium, Descript, MidJourney, Notion, and many others, to save time, spark creativity, and revamp their workflow.  A big shout-out to those who contributed to this episode with their audio submissions (featured in the show): Julie Hood, Andrew Weiss, Bri Campano, Tiffany Grant, Chris Martin,  Steve Stewart, Julie Fry,  Jeni Wren Stottrup, Ben Ebig, Elaine Williams, Ana Xavier, Bernie Borges, Michelle Walters,  and Nan McKay. Links to some of the tools mentioned in the podcast: VIDYO.AI,, Podcast Enhance by Adobe, MidJourney on Discord,  ChatGPT,  Podium, Coschedule Headline Analyzer,  Descript, Capsho, Mac Whisper, Motion,, Google Bard, and AppSumo. Podcast episodes mentioned: Prior podcast guests: Ep. 77 Julie Hood,  Ep. 5 Julie Fry, Ep. 83 Elaine Williams Heather on podcasts hosted by featured guests:  My Cool Friends,  Midlife Fulfilled, Mind Power Meets Mystic Contact Heather: Instagram - LinkedIn - Email: Get Radical With Your Business: Facebook - Website Book a Discovery Call (via Zoom) - Schedule Zeitzwolfe Accounting: Website - Facebook

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