Podcasting for Support with Baby Loss Coach Jennifer Senn

26 Sep 2023 • 41 min • EN
41 min
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This week I’m chatting with Jennifer Senn, a certified life and loss coach and the host of Navigating Baby Loss, about how she uses her podcast to create a community of support for parents who are experiencing the grief of stillbirth.  Just like the work she does, Jen has a very unique and niched podcast. When I have talked in other episodes about making sure that your brand matches your content and your audience’s needs, Jen’s show is the perfect example of what I mean. In fact, I’ve mentioned her podcast before.  Jen has a very wam and comforting presence, which is exactly what her listeners need. And yet she is also future-focused and provides hope.  Being a bereaved mother of stillborn twin girls, Jen has been where her listeners are now. She knows her audience and what they need. And delivers it to them perfectly. Even if you don’t “need” to listen to Jen’s show for the content, I highly recommend that you check it out for podcasting homework. Highlights from the episode:Jen’s recommendations for what to and not to say when someone is grieving a loss—particularly baby lossWhy Jen decided to become a baby loss coachHow Jen uses her podcast to develop a community of supportWhat Jen suggests you do to plan your podcast to avoid podfadeWhy Jen decided to start interviewing guests on her show About Jen: Jennifer Senn is a certified life and loss coach. After spending 10 years suffering from the grief of losing her twin girls at 32 weeks, Jen finally got the help and healing she needed through a coach. That led her down a path of becoming a coach herself to help other parents avoid years of pain and to find a path toward healing. Jen is also the host of the podcast Navigating Baby Loss. Connect with Jen: https://www.jennifersenn.com -- Learn the benefits of guest appearances, what you’re doing wrong, and how to make your next interview The Best Ever in this bingeable 5-episode miniseries on Podcast Guesting Insider Tips—for guests and hosts. PARTNERSHIP Try my number 1 recommendation for recording (interviews and solo), live-streaming, and webinars, and get a $10 credit: Streamyard

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