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Using a Podcast Booking Agency to Grow Your Business and Podcast with Margy Feldhuhn

17 Nov 2021 • 19 min • EN
19 min
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Margy Feldhuhn is a podcast host and the co-owner and CEO of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. She and her business partner lead an in-house staff of over 25 full-time employees in their (now virtual) Rhode Island office, and have successfully scaled the agency to multiple 7 figures. Since 2013, Interview Connections has been booking successful entrepreneurs as guests on podcasts and providing them strategy and coaching to monetize their guest appearances. They currently represent over 250 business owners. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Margy is also an animal rescue advocate and personal development enthusiast. With her podcast, “We Get It, Your Dad Died,” Margy uses her own experience of losing her dad to suicide to transform the conversation around grief and show the joy that is possible on the other side of loss. Her show won First Prize in the Best Podcast category of the 2021 Rhode Island International Film Festival. In this episode, we chat about how their clients utilize podcast guest appearances for their businesses and podcasts, how Interview Connections was created, how many shows they have to pitch to get four podcast guests appearances per month for their clients, why they typically target “mid-range” shows for their clients rather than shows with massive audiences, the criteria they look for when finding podcasts to pitch, why don’t ask podcasts hosts for their download numbers before deciding whether or not to pitch to them, and more.   IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Margy and her co-owner will be hosting a free podcast guesting masterclass December 13-17th. Click here to register with my special affiliate link.   To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes. Want even more podcasting insights and updates? Join the Podcasting Insiders Club for just $5/month! Want to connect with me further? Follow me on Instagram! Want to work together? Here's how we can do that! One-on-one podcast launch packages Self-paced online course for launching your podcast Podcast auditing (Ideal if you're getting ready to launch and want an expert's eyes on everything first or if you've already launched and you want advice on how to improve your show.) Podcast self-audit online course Podcast editing (Let me take care of the time-consuming post-production aspects of your show.)

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