Performance-enhancing drugs and hormones: risks, rewards, and broader implications for the public | Derek: More Plates, More Dates

09 Oct 2023 • 201 min • EN
201 min
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View the Show Notes Page for This Episode Become a Member to Receive Exclusive Content Sign Up to Receive Peter’s Weekly Newsletter We discuss: Derek’s interest in weightlifting and experimentation with anabolic steroids at a young age [3:15]; Derek’s experience acquiring steroids from underground labs and the potential long-term fertility concerns early in his bodybuilding career [12:00]; The backstory on More Plates, More Dates and Derek’s unique ability to blend scientific knowledge with personal observation [17:00]; Growth hormone – from extreme use-cases to the more typical – and the misconception that it’s the “elixir of life” [21:30]; Growth hormone 101: definition, where it comes from, and the challenges of measuring it [28:45]; Does exogenous growth hormone compromise one’s ability to make endogenous growth hormone? [40:00]; The use of growth hormone in restoration of tissue during periods of healing [42:00]; Growth hormone-releasing peptides to increase endogenous GH: various peptides, risks, benefits, and comparison to exogenous growth hormone [48:45]; The role of growth hormone in building muscle and burning fat, as well as its effects on sleep and daytime lethargy [1:02:30]; The evolution of drug use in the sport of bodybuilding [1:10:30]; What explains the protruding abdomens on some bodybuilders and athletes? [1:20:30]; Death of bodybuilders [1:26:00]; The complex interplay of hormones, and the conversion of testosterone into metabolites like DHT and estrogen [1:33:45]; Post-finasteride syndrome and how Derek successfully treated his hair loss [1:43:15]; Testosterone replacement therapy: compelling use-cases, side effects, and optimal dosing schedules [1:57:15]; Aromatase inhibitors to suppress estrogen, and the misconceptions around estrogen in men [2:16:00]; Other hormones beyond testosterone for male sex hormone replacement [2:21:00]; The history of anabolic compounds, and the differing effects of various anabolic testosterone derivatives and related drugs [2:24:30]; Use of SARMs by bodybuilders [2:29:45]; Anabolic steroid and testosterone regimens of professional bodybuilders and the downstream consequences [2:36:15]; The challenge of accurate hormone testing in the presence of anabolic steroids and supplements [2:44:45]; The use of Clomid, hCG, and enclomiphene [2:47:15]; Concerns about fertility: comparing the use of testosterone and hCG [3:00:30]; The use of BPC-157 peptide for healing injuries [3:12:00]; and More. Connect With Peter on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

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