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Episode 28: Nora Bateson - Interconnectedness, warm data, and the vitality of things

05 Jan 2021 • 73 min • EN
73 min
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Show Notes: Small Arcs of Larger Circles (02:00) Objectivity (05:45) Relationships and interdependencies (07:00) Smiling with your whole system (10:00) Flip side of delight and seeing connections (11:00) Language developed from your own frustration (13:30) Different kinds of teachers Esalen Institute (15:30) Diving more deeply into the arts and an exploration of culture (19:20) Working with different groupings of people (19:40) Describing things nonlinearly (20:30) "Warm data" (23:50) Mutual learning between generations (27:00) ‘Change is when you throw away the ladder’ (28:00) Willingness to play and be wrong - inadequacy (30:00) New way of thinking and learning - Warm Data Labs (34:30) Observe the observer Multiple description Fluid patterning Paradox, inconsistency, time Holism, reductionismCultural Tone, texture, aesthetic Bertrand Russell logical typing"Transcontextual aboutness" (47:00) Symmathesy (52:30)Morning routine (55:00)Elvis Costello - embodying visions for things (58:00)Julie Odell How to Do Nothing (01:00:00)Andrea Gibson poem Tincture (01:01:50)Lightning Round (01:04:00)Book: Alice in WonderlandPassion: The willingness of art and not knowing where it is goingHeart sing: New dog, BlakeScrewed up: Doing things just in timeThe reason to give is not because of what you will get for itTend vitalityFind guest online: Twitter: @NoraBatesonhttps://batesoninstitute.org/nora-bateson/"Five-Cut Fridays’ five-song music playlist series   Guest’s playlist

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