Organic Email List Growth Strategies with Tracy Beavers

03 Oct 2023 • 50 min • EN

Podcasting is an excellent way to grow your audience. But still your most valuable asset as an entrepreneur is your email list. My guest today, Tracy Beavers, is sharing some of her top organic strategies for growing your email list. “Your email list is your number one thing you need for business success. So I would rather you focus on using social media to build your list rather than your follower count.” -Tracy Beavers Too many business owners are fixated on social-media follower counts. And we podcasters are naturally monitoring listener counts. But Facebook and Instagrams have gone offline before. And heaven forbid Apple Podcasts or Spotify should glitch one day! We simply have no control over these third-party platforms. (I do trust podcast platforms more than I do social media!) Our email lists are the one thing that we own. Even if our email service provider goes offline for a day, we can have a downloaded copy of the emails our people give us. We can reach our community outside of social media and our podcasts. That’s why it’s so essential to build a strong email list.  In this episode, Tracy shares:How to use social media to grow your listHow to grow your email list without knocking yourself out creating new lead magnetsHow to create lead magnets from content your already haveWhen to avoid paid ads to build your list Tracy also shares:How to make real connections using DMs without ever being slimyHow to set up your Facebook cover photo to get more visibility and leads About Tracy: Tracy Beavers is the CEO and Founder of Tracy Beavers Coaching. She has 20 years experience in marketing, sales, and business growth and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with everything from overcoming the fear of sales to growing their business visibility through organic marketing strategies. Be sure to sign up for Tracy’s free masterclass at Connect with Tracy: Join Tracy’s free Facebook group -- Learn the benefits of guest appearances, what you’re doing wrong, and how to make your next interview The Best Ever in this bingeable 5-episode miniseries on Podcast Guesting Insider Tips—for guests and hosts. PARTNERSHIP Try my number 1 recommendation for recording (interviews and solo), live-streaming, and webinars, and get a $10 credit: Streamyard

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