Navigating the Talent Landscape: Insights from Kevin Kruse

26 Mar 2024 • 40 min • EN
40 min
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Welcome to another insightful episode of the Talent Development Think Tank podcast. Joining us today is the prodigious Kevin Kruse, an expert in talent development and leadership who famously wrote 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. Our conversation today takes a deep dive into the challenges facing talent development professionals, especially amid the pandemic's upheavals. Kevin critically examines the role of these professionals, often relegated to 'order takers' with limited influence over training topics and budgets. We discuss:The pressing need to ask targeted questions to deeply understand clients’ goals and ensure the relevance of keynotes and training sessions to their objectivesThe changes in the work landscape, notably the alarming trend where leadership development budgets get slashed, and the sorrowful fact that many clients disappear—not through direct termination, but because they themselves are let go. Hindrances of fostering a future vision and providing feedback from afar, the intriguing concept of "coffee badging" in the return-to-office movement, and the contrasting approaches to remote work globally.The importance of building habits and the use of micro-actions to effectuate notable behavioral changes—essential not only for individual growth but also in leadership and engagement. Kevin Kruse is the Founder and CEO of, offering an AI-powered leadership habits building platform. Kevin is also:Inc 500 and Best Place to Work award-winning entrepreneurNY Times bestselling author of 9 books including 15 Secrets successful people know about time management and Employee Engagement 2.0Kevin is also a regular Forbes contributor and was kind enough to write an article about me and my book when it came out in 2020Keynote speaker or advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, non-profit leaders, US Marines, and members of Congress This is Kevin’s second time on the podcast. The first was episode 81 way back in May 2019 so it has been a few years and I am sure a lot has changed since then, so I’m eager to dig in and hear Kevin’s perspectives. Connect with Andy Storch: Website LinkedIn Join us in the Talent Development Think Tank Community! Connect with Kevin Kruse: LinkedIn

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