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Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic on Creating a ‘Life Surge’ to Improve Your Life

21 Mar 2024 • 31 min • EN
31 min
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Have you ever considered what it would be like to be part of a global movement of people living their lives God’s way, one that inspires, transforms, and equips believers to do all that God has called them to do? It sounds quite refreshing and inspiring when you think about it. But putting it into practice can be quite a different experience than what you read in a glossy brochure. Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker Nick Vujicic believes that as a community of believers all dedicated to a common cause by using similar principles, we can impact every nook and crevice of society with the power of God and the life-changing truth of the Gospel of Jesus. And Vujicic should know a thing or two about doing just that. He is the world’s #1 motivational speaker and has spoken to more than 800,000 people in 78 different countries worldwide. As someone who was born without limbs – no arms or legs, Vujicic’s courage and tenacity for life has made him an expert on resilience and looking at life through an incredibly awe-inspiring lens. Vujicic is part of a new series of one-day life-changing events where thousands of local Christians gather to learn how to create and multiply financial resources to positively impact the Kingdom of God. The event is called LifeSurge and is coming to a city near you. Vujicic joins us on the Crossmap Podcast to discusswhat attendees can expect when they go to see and take part in one of these events. Listen as he shares why it is so critically important to equip Christians to be salt and light and thrive in all they do. Links to CrossmapCrossmap WebsiteCrossmap Facebook

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