Cayla Craft & Kathryn Gordon , CRAFTED Entrepreneur

Kathryn Gordon [Part 2]: How Do I Build My Vision WITH My Spouse?

20 Mar 2023 • 31 min • EN
31 min
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You have a vision that your spouse just doesn’t see! What’s the key to coming together and building a dream as one? Links + Resources: Connect with Kathryn on Instagram | @kathryngordon Learn more at! Relationship Grit by Kathryn and Jon Gordon Become a Mommy Millionaire and create LASTING WEALTH! CONNECT WITH  CAYLA! Follow Cayla @cayla.craft Follow Mommy Millionaire Watch + Subscribe on YouTube - Cayla Craft If you want to bring your partner into your grand vision, this is how you can do it! We’re continuing our conversation with Kathryn to learn how she came together with her husband through sheer GRIT. We’ll chat about the GRIT framework so you can strengthen your relationship, foster love and support, and lay down foundations that’ll last. Most of all, you’ll discover how to bring hope to your home for you and your family. Find out how to work as a team with your spouse and get through the good, the bad, and the ugly together! 00:30 How do you build your dream with an unsupportive spouse? 03:05 How did resolve change your marriage? 06:05 What do you need to invest in, and what do investments look like? 09:15 How do you come together as a couple? 13:30 Building solid foundations with your spouse and family. 17:00 How can you strengthen your relationship? 20:50 What letter did you receive that showed you that everyone can change? 22:35 What is coming up next for you? 27:15 Who should you surround yourself with?

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