Cayla Craft & Sheley Brien , CRAFTED Entrepreneur

Master Your Habits to Succeed in Life, Business, and Investing with Sheley Brien

19 Jun 2023 • 42 min • EN
42 min
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What habits do you need to succeed in every area of life? Switch to an abundant mindset and discover new ways to win and learn! Links + Resources: Connect with Sheley on Instagram | @sheleybrien Check out the Business of Being Healthy Podcast! Find your new big investment opportunity at! Submit Your Crafted Deals Application! Increase your INCOME, PORTFOLIO, and IMPACT! Check out the program to Rewire YOU for Business & take your business to the next level! CONNECT WITH  CAYLA! Follow Cayla on Instagram @cayla.craft Website Watch + Subscribe on YouTube - Cayla Craft Show Notes: How can you create an environment where everybody wins? Joining us today is business mogul Sheley Brien, the owner of a multi-million dollar general contracting company! Whether it’s business, health, or relationships, Sheley is here to show us how to succeed in every area of life. We’ll dive into several important habits and mindset shifts that’ll keep you and your business growing to the next level. You’ll learn how to boost your confidence and keep your word to your most important asset: you! Then, we get into the nitty gritty of investing and contracting, including protecting yourself, hiring due diligence, and what red flags you should watch out for. It’s time to think abundantly and make your money work for you!  00:30 How did your entrepreneurial journey begin? 02:40 Where did your next pivots take you? 08:05 What was it like to go all in on a new business opportunity? 09:40 How did you get to that moment and abundant mindset? 14:55 What has been the biggest challenge and biggest blessing working with your spouse? 17:45 What is the common thread to your success? 20:45 How has mastering health habits benefitted your income? 24:25 What should real estate investors look for in a good contractor? 27:35 Residential contracting versus commercial contracting. 29:30 What advice would you give for subcontracting? 33:25 How do you create relationships where everyone wins? 35:30 What are you interested in investing in right now?  38:10 Investment criteria checklist. 42:05 What final advice do you have for entrepreneurs?

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