Cayla Craft & Jenna Hoover , CRAFTED Entrepreneur

Career Pivots, TV Shows and Everything Real Estate Investing with Jenna Hoover

12 Jun 2023 • 50 min • EN
50 min
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You already have everything you need to become a successful real estate investor! Are you only holding yourself back? Links + Resources: Connect with Jenna on Instagram | @jennabuyshouses Submit Your Crafted Deals Application! Increase your INCOME, PORTFOLIO, and IMPACT! Check out the program to Rewire YOU for Business & take your business to the next level! CONNECT WITH  CAYLA! Follow Cayla on Instagram @cayla.craft Website Watch + Subscribe on YouTube - Cayla Craft Show Notes: If you want to make the most out of any deal, here’s how you do it! Today, we have Jenna Hoover on the podcast. She’s a real estate investor, mentor, and HGTV personality! Jenna uses her experience from flipping homes to owning multifamilies & rentals to talk about all things real estate. Everything you need to know about becoming a successful investor is right here, including negotiation tips, advice for working in a partnership, getting started in creative financing, and more. Jenna not only shares what she’s done right, but some mistakes she’s learned from along the way that have made her an even wiser investor. There is so much power in finding a mentor that can help you gain success quicker! Get ready to learn from one of the best in the industry to become one of the best! 00:00 Meet real estate investor, mentor, and HGTV personality, Jenna Hoover, to learn all things real estate! 02:45 How did you go from the medical field to real estate? 05:25 What skills did you bring over from medical sales? 07:40 What was the biggest mistake you made early on? 10:55 What happened to the original properties you had? 13:55 What questions would you have asked yourself along the way? 15:25 What type of real estate is your speciality? 17:20 What is creative financing? 21:35 How to excel at negotiation. 25:15 When is the right time to go in with a partner? 27:20 What are your partnership caveats? 30:05 How has your faith affected your career? 32:30 How did you become an HGTV personality? 36:05 What was the impact of being on TV? 38:30 Can anyone do what you do? 41:25 Advice for the person who gets frozen. 45:00 Where do you see yourself in five years?

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