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[Real Investor Opportunity] Everything You Need to Know to Get Into a Multi Family Deal with Veena Jetti

08 Jun 2023 • 70 min • EN
70 min
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We’re excited to share an actual investor call here on the podcast and YOU can get in on the deal! Make sure to watch this episode on YouTube to see all the information about this incredible deal! Your next great investment opportunity is right here! Links + Resources: Watch this full episode on YouTube - Cayla Craft DM me on Instagram for more information on this incredible deal! @cayla.craft Connect with Veena on Instagram @veenajetti Submit Your Crafted Deals Application! Increase your INCOME, PORTFOLIO, and IMPACT! Check out the program to Rewire YOU for Business & take your business to the next level! CONNECT WITH  CAYLA! Follow Cayla on Instagram @cayla.craft Website Watch + Subscribe on YouTube - Cayla Craft Show Notes: If you’re looking for an investment opportunity with huge returns, then you won’t want to miss out on this! Joining us in this episode is Veena Jetti, the owner and founder of Vive Funds, the multi-family queen, and today’s sponsor! We’ll be walking through our next big deal that you can get involved in right now. We’ll go over the multi-family Arcadia Cove presentation, covering everything you need to know from budget, renovations, and, of course, to the projected returns. Where smart money leads, you should follow! Will you let this opportunity pass by? 0:00:25 Welcome to the show the owner and founder of Vive Funds and multi-family queen, Veena Jetti! 0:04:15 What deals have we done together? 0:06:35 Why do you prefer Class B tenants? 0:09:30 How can you invest in this deal? 0:12:10 What makes this opportunity the best? 0:16:55 Exit plans A to Z. 0:21:30 What is our responsibility as landlords to revitalize a community? 0:24:55 What is the delinquency rate? 0:26:05 How many units do you plan to renovate at a time? 0:27:45 Sponsor track record. 0:31:30 How do you figure out rent growth? 0:33:05 How do you take the best care of your assets? 0:34:35 What is the budget? 0:35:30 What is your plan to walk the property? 0:37:15 Unit mix breakdown. 0:37:50 Why do you love the Phoenix market? 0:40:25 What are important aspects for multifamily? 0:42:50 What are the investment opportunities for Class A and Class B? 0:45:15 How does the fund get paid? 0:47:55 Where can you invest from? 0:49:55 What are the projected returns? 0:52:50 Why do you need to know who you’re investing with? 0:55:35 What is the key to your success with your sister? 1:00:15 How can you get involved in this deal? 1:03:05 Can you increase your investment if you’ve already reached out? 1:03:35 What is the maximum and minimum investment? 1:03:50 Where can you go to

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