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From Military To Millionaire Using These Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies | David Pere

13 Feb 2023 • 42 min • EN
42 min
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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an amazing guest, David Pere who shares his insights and real estate story on shifting a career path from a military to real estate business, creative financing, strategies on how to get involve in real estate deal without money, what are his favorite asset classes and why, how to find sellers and opportunities, why decisiveness and consistency are important, and more incredible stuff on his wealth-building journey! David Pere is a marine vet, author, podcaster, speaker, visionary, real estate investor, and Founder and Chief-Executive-Officer at From Military to Millionaire. He is dedicated to helping service members and veterans learn how to build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. He is also host “The Military Millionaire Podcast”, and authored the book, “The No B.S. Guide to Military Life: How to Build Wealth, Get Promoted, and Achieve Greatness”. David built a massive real estate community and social presence. It was in his military days he realized that working 12-hours a day on someone else doesn’t help him achieve a life he wanted. He wanted the ability to work less if he wanted to, working whenever, wherever, and whatever he wants. He believes that a good communicator, net worker, and connector with less capital has a huge space in real estate business. It is important that you can make decisions  and have continual progression!   Some Questions I Ask: Where did your journey start for you, brother? When was it when you really thought about investing in real estate? What were some of the skill sets that you knew you could leverage going into this wealth-building journey? What were some of the things that you see people holding back when it comes to a wealth-building journey? Why real estate and what was your vision? What is it that you are involved in now? If you have to pick one as your favorite investment just because of why you like it, and one that has been the best investment from a pure number standpoint, what would those asset classes be? What do you say to those people in terms of how they can really get their start and get involved in a deal even if they don’t have that money? Where did you start with your research on creative deals? How did you take that first step and structure something creative that works? How powerful can be the “my price your terms, and your price my terms” strategy? What are you doing to protect your wealth, and what opportunities are you looking forward to capitalizing on and your outlook in 2023? How have you approached elevating your social presence and expanding your net worth? What does your strategy and approach to finding those sellers and those opportunities look like? What are some ways you go about to gather that data? What is it that keeps you driving down this path for financial freedom, and what does real wealth mean to you, David?   In This Episode, You Will Learn: David’s real definition of success. Why money is the easiest part of the equation to solve. Creative financing strategy.   Quotes: “There’s no occupation in the world that prepares you better for entrepreneurship.” “Any decision is better than no decision, don’t get paralyzed.” “Money is the easiest part of the equation to solve.” “Find the great deal and the money will follow.”   Resources Mentioned: Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki The Book in Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner Your Next Five Moves book by Patrick Bet-David PropStream   Connect with David Pere on:  Military Millionaire The Military Network Facebook Group Instagram LinkedIn The Military Millionaire Podcast   Sponsor Links: GoBundance  - Text: "MILLIONAIRE" to 844.447.1555 Indochino: Get 10% off of any purchase on $399 or more with the promo code: MINDCAST   Accredited Investor List - Text "DEALS" to 844.447.1555 Free Financial Audit: Text "XRAY" to 844.447.1555 Upcoming Events: Text "Events" to 844.447.1555 Millionaire Notes: Text "Notes" to 844.447.1555 Connect with Matty A. and Text me to 844.447.1555    Show Brought To You By: Questions? Comments? Do you have a success story you would like to share on the show?  Send us an email to:  

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