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Media and Left Botch Gaza Hospital Story, and Campus Anti-Semitism Grows, with Buck Sexton and Dennis Prager | Ep. 650

18 Oct 2023 • 97 min • EN
97 min
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Megyn Kelly begins the show by breaking down exactly what happened at the blast at the Gaza hospital, and how so many in the media and on the left got it so disastrously wrong, their instincts to immediately believe Hamas propaganda and blame Israel, the horrifying protests that emerged after, and more. Then Buck Sexton, co-host of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, joins to discuss the absurdity of believing Hamas sourcing about the hospital blast, conspiracy theories so many on the left believe, ridiculous "moral equivalency" in this crisis, the American media's culpability and anti-Israel sentiment, the possible reasons behind the terror attack, what may happen next in Israel's ground attack, and more. Then Dennis Prager, co-founder of PragerU, joins to discuss the thousands of years of groups who want to exterminate Jews, anti-Semitism on campuses and in our culture, the left finally waking up to the threats of radical ideology, the college student ripping down posters of Israeli hostages held by Hamas, the rich donors of top colleges fighting back and defunding the schools, whether this moment will last, the long drift toward the position we're at today in woke education, ideology extremism on campuses, women in our culture today, BLM's associations with anti-Semitism, praying for Biden's success in the Middle East, and more. Sexton: Prager:   Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:   YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:   Find out more information at:

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