Matt Hatt: Anatomy, Physiology, And Corpus Callosum

19 Nov 2023 • 67 min • EN
67 min
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Saxophone, Rap, Producer, Composer. Every project they have put out has a different sound, ranging from jazz fusion to glitch rap. They do a lot of self-production. They graduated from Rowan University with a bachelor's in Music Composition, which gave them an education in classical music. They started playing saxophone in fourth grade, and they have been making music for about 12 years. They started taking music seriously around their junior year of high school, and they started releasing music in 2021. They have a few different projects in the works at the moment, and they just released a collaboration album with a producer they met online. They have a pretty wide taste in music, and they love hip-hop in all forms, as well as jazz, soul/R&B, rock music, contemporary classical, electronic/EDM, and anything experimental. They feel like they are coming from an outsider's perspective socially, and an insider's perspective musically. They have a lot of in-depth knowledge about music theory, and they listen to an insane span of music, so writing and composing music feels second-nature to them. However, they are not very good at promoting themselves, and they feel like they are an artist first and a personality second. They think that their music stands and speaks for itself. Their weakest spot is mixing and mastering, but they are getting better at that with every release. They believe that it is more important to be creative than to be popular, and they think that making artistic decisions based on what they think other people would like is a huge mistake for an artist. The only voice that an artist should listen to is their own. Tonight's show is dedicated to his new music and album, Corpus Callosum, collaboration with ga, music influences and inspirations, outside involvement and activities, and many more topics for tonight. Also, we will be talking about the college journey, so freshman and seniors in high school, take notes. Speaking of taking notes, check him out and see a legend in action. Link to music and socials: insta: twitter: youtube: spotify: bandcamp: soundcloud: linktree: --- Support this podcast:

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