Mastering YouTube for Business Growth: Insights from Sean Cannell and Eric Worre

28 Aug 2023 • 99 min • EN
99 min
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In this episode, Eric Worre interviews Sean Cannell, the author of YouTube Secrets, who shares valuable insights on utilizing YouTube to expand a business. They highlight the significance of YouTube for Network Marketers, providing guidance on getting started and creating successful content. Strategies include adopting roles like knowledge broker, reporter, or expert while understanding the audience's needs.  Don't miss the insights from the Think Media Podcast, offering practical advice for YouTube success. Elevate your business game by mastering YouTube's dynamics and revolutionizing your growth strategy. About: Sean Cannell is a successful YouTuber, speaker, and coach. He specializes in guiding entrepreneurs to enhance their impact and earnings through online videos. With a substantial following of over 1 million subscribers and a remarkable 100 million video views, Sean's expertise has earned him recognition, including being featured in Forbes' list of "20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business." HIGHLIGHTS: YouTube strategies for business growth: Tips from Sean Cannell. Getting started: Why Network Marketers should use YouTube and how to begin. Creating successful videos that resonate and deliver results. Roles to embrace: Knowledge broker, reporter, or expert—which one suits you? Tailoring content to connect with your viewers effectively. Recommendations from the Think Media Podcast for enhancing your YouTube presence. Insights on fair use, React channels, content curation, and collaboration. Exploring lists of videos, challenges, and comparisons for engaging content. Discussing content censorship on platforms like YouTube and Rumble. Building online influence and income through powerful video content. SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Sean Cannell’s IG Sean Cannell’s Facebook Sean Cannell’s YouTube Sean Cannell’s Twitter Sean Cannell’s LinkedIn TIME STAMPS: 00:00: YouTube Secrets for Network Marketers 00:30: Introduction to Sean Cannell 02:17: When did video become a passion and specialty for Sean? 04:54: Video podcasting and live streaming 08:17: The power of rumble 12:57: How Twitter is different from other platforms 13:47: Leveraging on every platform 17:38: How to get started on YouTube 21:09: Best practices for creating content 25:29: How to narrow down your audience 28:06: It would be a mistake to have no vision. 30:30: The three P's of branding 33:42: The importance of being a curator 37:00: The key is that you have to be a few steps ahead. 38:12: The power of fair use content 41:26: Dive into content and curate it 44:50: Eric’s advice 45:42: Free one-hour training 48:30: Reverse engineer success for Network Marketing 54:02: How to get the most views 57:34: Do you want to sell products or grow your team? 1:00:38: Opportunities in Network Marketing 1:05:31: You only need one video to build a team. 1:08:00: How to integrate your content into your business 01:12:33: The sweet spot for YouTube videos 1:15:21: Podcasts in general pay a higher rate than cat videos. 1:17:43: The one thing you need to do to get started 1:22:20: Bringing value to people without keeping score 1:24:57: Education products and courses 1:27:27: Create YouTube Strategies 1:30:40: Do we need to have more different channels for different things? 1:34:16: The four elements of a new channel 1:38:59: How to Support The Excellence Project 1:39:20 - END Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at

From "The Excellence Project with Eric Worre"

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