Martha Anne Toll: What if quiet things are the bravest?

15 Jun 2023 • 46 min • EN
46 min
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Discipline • Grace • Gratitude Martha Anne Toll grew up a passionate ballet dancer, musician, and advocate for social and racial justice. Through her creative endeavors Martha learned three important life lessons which she will share in our conversation so be sure to stay tuned)  and at the tender age of *almost* 65 she released her debut novel Three Muses, which has already been receiving great praise and awards!   Martha is a true inspiration who has dedicated her life to helping elevate the lives of others and continues to follow her own passions. Talk about brave. Episode Takeaways: Martha grew up surrounded by passionate educators and readers. She doesn’t have any formal writing education but her parents served as passionate editors from a young age. Her social justice career lasted 25 years long.  It took her well into adulthood to realize that the risks she was taking were actually brave! Writing in general is an act of bravery. THREE LIFE LESSONS: (1) The music is in the rests;  (2) if you break things into component parts, you’ll figure out how to put together a coherent whole; and  (3) practice, practice, practice. Martha performed as a semi-professional orchestra and chamber music player in college and beyond. Bravery and courage come from unexpected places! The path toward publication was full of disappointment and despair. Getting a byline and being published as a book reviewer helped Martha build a platform. Rejection is normal in the arts - embrace it if you want to be successful. Martha chose to give back every time she was rejected and this helped keep things. Writing discipline: Martha likes to write in the morning and she firmly believes that writing begets writing. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing - JUST WRITE. Visit your local public library!! All reading counts - including audiobooks. Martha loves speaking to book groups and engaging with folks who are experiencing her books. Celebration: Martha had to get off the hamster wheel and criticize herself before she could really celebrate. Her favorite way to celebrate is by paying it forward. Charity: Equal Justice Initiative  REGISTER FOR THE FREE, FIRST FRIDAY MANIFESTATION POWER HOUR HERE. JOIN US FOR TAMING THE CHAOS - A 4-PART MASTERCLASS SERIES HERE. If you’ve been inspired, touched, entertained, or motivated by this or any of Heather Vickery’s content you can “say thanks” by buying her a virtual coffee! Let's connect ... Follow us on Instagram and connect with our host, Heather Vickery here. ORDER YOUR COPY OF F*CK FEARLESS - MAKING THE BRAVE LEAP TODAY, Click Here! Order your Create Brave Manifestation Card Decks here. Share your feedback by emailing or via Instagram DM's.

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