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44 - Sebastian Mallaby on Alan Greenspan's Legacy

13 Feb 2017 • 58 min • EN
58 min
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Sebastian Mallaby is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a contributing columnist for the Washington Post. Today, he joins the show to discuss his new book, *The Man Who Knew: the Life and Times of Alan Greenspan,* a biography of the former Fed Chairman. Sebastian describes Greenspan’s humble origins, his rise to power, and his public career that spanned several decades. David and Sebastian discuss the degree to which Greenspan should be praised for the economic stability of the Great Moderation and blamed for the Great Recession. They also chat about Greenspan’s musical talents, his relationship with Ayn Rand, and his reputation as a “ladies man.” David’s blog: http://macromarketmusings.blogspot.com/ Sebastian’s bio: http://www.cfr.org/experts/financial-crises-regional-security-economics/sebastian-mallaby/b4452 Sebastian’s Washington Post archive: http://www.cfr.org/experts/financial-crises-regional-security-economics/sebastian-mallaby/b4452 David’s Twitter: @davidbeckworth Sebastian Mallaby: @scmallaby *The Man Who Knew: the Life and Times of Alan Greenspan* by Sebastian Mallaby http://www.cfr.org/international-finance/man-knew/p37530

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