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Annalee Newitz Imagines a Distant Future Where 21st Century Societal Issues Persist

13 Feb 2023 • 57 min • EN
57 min
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Annalee Newitz’s new book “The Terraformers” is a multigenerational science fiction drama set thousands of years in a future where corporations own entire planets and moose can fly. But even in a time when humans have speciated and trains have gained sentience, the urgent ethical and societal issues, like gentrification and water rights, persist. We’ll talk with Newitz about “The Terraformers,” who or what counts as a person, and what it’ll actually take to manage ecosystems. Guests: Annalee Newitz, science journalist and author of the books "The Terraformers," "The Future of Another Timeline," "Autonomous" and "Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age"

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